Rally Austin Uprise E-Conference

Banding together to keep Austin small businesses out of the red and into the black!

Speaker snapshot

This is only a snapshot of a couple of speakers that we are going to have at this event!

Joshua L. Bee

Joshua B Lee is a strategic growth coach, helping individuals to scale themselves with their company so they do not scale themselves out of their company. His life of an entrepreneur includes many activities including being a father of two amazing kids. They are the reason he does everything possible to leave a legacy they can be proud of. Joshua is also blessed to sit on multiple advisory boards, mentor many bright, young entrepreneurs, and dress up as Spiderman for a local children’s hospital.

Ashely Mcconnel

In the fall of 2018, Ashley joined an accelerator called Founders Institute which jolted Prowess Project into existence. The more she spoke to frustrated, overwhelmed business owners and experienced, educated women who want to get back into the workforce, the more she felt compelled to bring this to life and, with the support of her friends and family, she’s doing just that.

Sara Loretta

A Cleveland-raised storyteller, Sara has a minor coffee addiction and regularly inspired by the history being created around us. Sara started Ninety-9 & St. Claire in 2018, after maneuvering through the digital world for almost a decade. Now, it’s Sara's mission to help first-time entrepreneurs find clarity in their strategy & design processes by providing resources for long-term success.

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